Playa Vista Martial Arts proudly serves the Los Angeles communities of Westchester, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Ladera Heights, and Playa Vista, as well as attracting students from farther away.

Classes cost just $129 per month, for all the classes you wish to take.  Adults have classes available 6 days per week, and kids have classes available 4 days per week.  See the class schedule here.  Come to every class, it is a great deal!  There is no registration fee.

HOMESCHOOL CLASSES are $100 per month plus an initial $70 administrative fee. We have met the insurance and LiveScan requirements of multiple charter schools, please check to see if we are a vendor that you can use for Physical Education classes. If we are not available through your charter school, give us their information and we’ll look into applying.

Private lessons at the school are $100 per hour. Discounts are available with prepaid scheduled private lessons.

Contact us today to schedule you free trial class.


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Playa Vista Martial Arts T-Shirt

Other items for purchase:

Uniforms $40.00
Cup $10.00
T Shirt $20.00