Dennis JelinekMASTER

Dennis Jelinek

Dennis’s martial arts career started at the age of nine years old. That is when he started to study Judo for 3 years. In his teen years he moved on to Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwan Do and Boxing. In his early 20’s he studied Thai Mantis. Dennis started Kung-Fu San Soo in 1993 under First Generation Master Larry Wikel and trained through his 3rd Degree Black Belt. He then transferred to Master Lawrence Rouse and is currently at the rank of Seventh Degree Black belt and working towards his Master’s Degree. Dennis has put his martial arts skills to work in the security industry. He has worked as a Personal Security agent and Security Liason for various restaurants and Bars. Some of the events that Dennis has provided security for are The Long Beach Grand Prix, El Paso Air Show and many private events throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Currently Dennis and his son are co-owners of Security by Jelinek and have been featured in Inside Kung-Fu magazine. Dennis’s wealth of experience makes him one of our top instructors with our kids, adults and women’s self-defense programs.

Doug LutfeySixth Degree Black Belt

Doug Lutfey

Doug started his martial arts training with Master Rouse in 2000. Since his start in Kung-fu San Soo he has consistently trained three to four times per week. In 2003 he became an assistant instructor, and has been a full instructor since 2005. Doug has the talent of breaking down the complexities of the art so that newer students can more easily understand. In addition to his skills as an instructor in the kids and adult classes, Doug is active teaching in our special needs program.

Joseph KaufmannFourth Degree Black Belt

Joseph Kaufmann
Fourth Degree Black Belt

Joseph started his martial arts training with Master Rouse in 1999 at the age of 12 years old in the kids program. He trained four to five days a week and moved into the adult class at the age of 16. As his skill level increased, Joseph fast became one of the top students in the school. He has tremendous speed, accuracy, power and timing as well as an extensive knowledge of the leverage aspects of San Soo. In addition to teaching the kids and adult classes, Joseph also trains our students from our special needs program. Having come up the ranks in Kung-Fu San Soo from the age of 12 and learning with special needs kids in his classes gives Joseph a unique perspective on what it takes to train kids that are on the special needs spectrum.