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testimonial letterOur son, Justin, was born with Cerebral Palsy. He started in Kung Fu ten years ago.  At that time he used a walker and had very little core strength.  After being involved in Kung-Fu and a specialized workout program that Master Rouse developed, he became adept at using only crutches and is able to use one crutch and carry a weight around the Kung-Fu School.  His promotion to black belt was one of the proudest days of his life.  Justin now uses a special set of padded crutches (to protect the other students he is working out with) and learned to use his abilities to defend himself.  Because of his greatly improved upper body and core strength, Justin is able to carry a heavy backpack around campus at Cal State Northridge where he is a student.  He has achieved a level of independence at home and on campus that we are astounded at.  Kung-Fu with Master Rouse and his other Black Belt instructors has not just given him physical strength and defensive abilities, but it has given him invaluable self-esteem.  Kung-Fu with Master Rouse has also given Justin and our entire family a sense of community, life long friends and the ability to be part of the larger Kung-fu San Soo family.  Master Lawerence Rouse has made a tremendous difference in Justin’s life.

Robin Leftwich
Principal Deputy County Council
Marc Leftwich




testimonial letterOur son Konrad began studying with Master Rouse at the age of 4.  He is now 11.  Our goal was to find a school with the right mix of discipline in the art of Kung-fu San Soo as well as character development for a well rounded program.  We found it in Playa Vista Martial Arts.  We are 100% comfortable with Master Rouse and the team of excellent instructors he has assembled such as Master Dennis, 7th degree Marlon and 4th degree Joseph.  We have found all training to be well supervised and purposeful.

The self-defense training is real world oriented and not “just for looks”.  All three of our children are now studying at Playa Vista Martial Arts and each of them feel secure receiving instruction from the team.  The senior students are supportive in the classes and assist the junior students.  Character training is incorporated in the daily class instruction and children are able to progress at their own pace.

We are thankful to Master Rouse and grateful for his dedication to quality and effective training.


Kurt and Traci Verbaarschott




testimonial letterOur 16 year old son, Zach, has been with Master Lawrence Rouse for TEN YEARS. Role Model, Mentor, Special Needs Team Member, Friend and Community are not enough words to describe our relationship with Master Rouse.

Zach has Aspergers, and when Zach was a young child Master Rouse provided one-on-one lessons to help him understand how to use his body, how to catch a ball, and work on balance and foot coordination. He was really integrating Adaptive PE with Kung Fu, in a safe but challenging environment. Our son was able to join the Kung Fu classes and learn how to be part of a group. He has been with some of the same kids for more than 6 years. We found that having a physical outlet two to three days a week was key to his well being.Zach has learned to control his body and his mind. It has helped him learn to deal with stress. It has provided him with confidence in everything that he does. When problems arose with other students at school, Master Rouse was there as a mentor to talk Zach through the situation and show him how he should handle himself. Kung Fu has created a way of life for Zach that he can depend on. Zach is close to earning his Junior Black Belt and looks forward to being full time in the adult program.

Once in the door you are part of the Playa Vista Martial Arts Community, every student and teacher provides guidance and gives respect to every individual. Our family would not have been the same with out Master Rouse and the Playa Vista Martial Arts Family.


Marilyn and Eric Adler