At Playa Vista Martial Arts we have a comprehensive solution to the bullying issue which is so prevalent in our society today.

Anti-Bullying Classes for kids in Los Angeles

Verbal Self-Defense and Anti-Bullying program for kids

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anti-bully1Playa Vista Martial Arts has been certified in Verbal Self-Defense by the Verbal Judo Institute. We are the only school in West Los Angeles and most of the South Bay authorized to offer this unique and cutting edge Anti-Bullying program. The program was created by Dr. George Thompson, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Colgate University and a Masters and Doctorate in English from University of Connecticut. His post-doctoral work was completed at Princeton University in Rhetoric and Persuasion. Dr. Thompson has trained over 700,000 people in his original Tactical Communications program since 1983, which teaches how to deescalate conflict through the use of words which are specifically designed to redirect behavior. The original purpose of the program was to teach law enforcement officers how to better communicate with the general public thus reducing the chances of a physical altercation when stopping or questioning a possible suspect. This system has been taught all throughout the United States and Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and South Africa. There has been a great need for a program for Anti-Bullying for some time, and so Dr. Thompson created the Verbal Self-Defense Youth program. This coupled with Kung-Fu San Soo makes it a very powerful self-defense system for kids.

anti-bully2The program consists of a thirteen-week series of classes given once a week where the kids learn various techniques to diffuse a confrontation. We start with learning about Anger guards. Anger guards are a way of identifying your hot buttons. It is knowing what triggers you to get angry. We teach the student to NAME IT, KNOW IT AND OWN IT so they have more self control and do not react with anger. We then go over word blocks, redirection of behavior with words and then on to more advanced concepts. The course is offered on an ongoing basis so that if the student begins the program at week 5 or 6 they can start there and continue until they complete the first classes they missed. Additionally, the kids go home with what we call “car talk” sheets. It is an exercise that the parents can participate in with the kids to help them learn more effectively. They are called car talks because so often parents spend more time with their kids in the car, and this provides a perfect opportunity to use this otherwise non-productive time usefully, and makes the experience rewarding for the student and the parents. The Verbal Self-Defense program sets up a series of actions that the student considers before resorting to the physical. These actions are very helpful when the student wants to stand up for him or herself and teaches the student the steps to be taken toward solving a problem without having to become physical. If the student is forced into using Kung-Fu San Soo, the art affords them several means of reducing the need for fighting which may cause pain or injury to another. They learn how to block, evade punches, grabs and pushes. They also learn strategies for dealing with multiple attackers that may want to confront, intimidate and/or harm them in a physical way. We also have Manage Bullying courses which teach parents how to help their kids to be bully-proof and to effectively intervene if their child has been subjected to bullying. In addition, we also have a Manage Bullying coaching webinar program that provides ongoing anti-bullying help for parents. Just click on GET ACCESS.